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This is not a bitch post. I promise. [10 May 2010|10:57pm]
[ mood | I'm just kinda... there. ]

Annie feel crappy. Need more coffee...

Crappy day. Applied to 2 more jobs. Dad is sassing me for not having a job and how we don't have any money and blah blah blah. Maybe you shouldn't have renovated your basement for $100,000 dad. Maybe then we would have money.

Troy's Annual cost me about $420 on Friday. I now owe then $106 more because they had to tack on a urine culture.

Got a call from the vet today. Culture came back and its not that good. Now he needs an ultrasound to make sure that what they found in the culture is ok. Gotta make sure he doesn't have a prostrate issue or a tumor. If my baby has a tumor I think I will just kill myself. That dog means everything to me. I will spend all the money I have on him if I have to but if he has something wrong that money can't fix then I don't know what will happen. That is on Thursday. That is going to cost me $450 according to the receptionist there.

Got some bills in the mail. Haven't added them up yet but they are going to come to roughly $350. Maybe a little bit more. The only one I can remember is my car payment and that was about $266 or something.

Need to buy dog food soon. That's $55 a bag cause of Troy's allergies. Thankfully I got my "free dog food" coupon thing in the mail so that's one thing I won't have to pay for.

Next weekend I am going to a friend's house with Jason to celebrate my birthday. We do it there every year. Chris's family celebrates my birthday for me while my family just likes to ruin it. Jason was asking me if we should buy some alcohol to bring. *Reads beginning of post* sorry Jason but I won't be paying for it if we do lol.

I hate money.

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Happy birthday to meeeee [08 May 2010|03:05am]
It's my birthday and I didn't even get drunk. Lame.

But I had a good one :D Spent the morning at the vet with my old co-workers who I love. Yes, there was a point to going there. Had to take Troy for his annual. My poor baby has so many issues. He has a minor skin infection and might have a UTI or some other sort of problem in that general area. I picked up 5 different medications for him and the kitty. Did the full exam, got a free ear cleaning and a nail trim. Troy has never had his nails done at the vet. It took me, two assistants and the doctor to cut his nails. We almost called in a third person. Its hard because he has to wear his Hannibal Lecter (spelling?) mask when he goes to the vet. Don't need him taking chunks out of my friends. Its made of metal and if he hits you in the head with it, you will most likely black out for a few seconds. So $420 or so later I walked out of the vet exhausted from my work out.

Spent the rest of the day alone with the animals. Got some happy birthday wishes from friends so that was nice too. No phone calls from my parents though. They left town for the weekend. Didn't give me a number to call in case of emergency or anything like that. Why not? Because in order to do that they would have to talk to me. Might go over to their place tomorrow or Sunday. Need to look for a few things. If I leave anything important there it gets thrown out.

Ok its 3 a.m so that means bed time! :P
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[05 May 2010|12:26am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

It's late. I have to walk the dog. I just don't feel like going out yet. Yay for procrastinating! Walking the dog at 3 a.m. is ok though because if anyone tries to come near me or Troy he would tear their face off. It's what he likes to do. Actually he usually aims for the butt or the stomach/love handle area but "I will rip your face off!" just sounds much better than "I'm gonna bite your ass off!" That's my opinion anyway :)

Went to my diabetes doc on Monday. The A1C is still getting better. He said that if I can get it down one more point then maybe I can think about getting the pump. That made me really happy until I went home and looked up some information. Apparently the two types of insulin I take cant be compatible together in the pump. Soooo either I will still have to stick myself with needles everyday or maybe I can convince him to change my insulin. Or maybe I just don't know how the pump works. All I know is that I really don't want to keep putting needles into 20 year old scar tissue :(

I still have no job. No one wants to hire me it seems. I has goode work skillz! There was one job that wanted to hire me. I had to turn them down after the interview though because the work conditions weren't compatible with my current health conditions. That was very disappointing.

I had my eye doctor visit last month. Turns out I am not going blind. OMG yay! I had diabetic retinopathy and that can cause blindness if not treated. If it hadn't gotten better I would have needed eye surgery. So I'm pretty happy about that. Now the cat is in my face and I can't see... Also made a neurologist appointment for about a week or two from now. They said that they can definitely help me with the worst issue I have at the moment. That was really nice to hear.

There are more that I could talk about that I am sure you all would find absolutely fascinating but I think that I will save them for another time.

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[02 Oct 2009|10:51pm]
I don't visit the doctor much other than to honor my hundreds of routine visits that I have to attend. The regular dentist appointments (so many dentist visits I could have bought a new car by now), the eye doctor, etc etc. However, the searing pain in my back was so bad at work the other day that it forced me to go make an appointment. It hurt so much that I was getting cramps. My shirt simply touching me felt like my skin was on fire. I've been having the same problem with my hips. But its nothing I can't handle. I've had diabetes for 20 years and I have more diabetic complications that you can imagine. I think I can handle pain.

I don't like to see the doctor because its always nothing but bad news. I have been pretty lucky with one doctor but I don't want to jinx myself. Just give it some time and I am sure that organ will start to fail on me too. Anyway, I went to the doctor, told him what has been bothering me, blah blah blah. And all I got was more bad news. Just another problem that is going to cause me nothing but pain until I am buried in the ground. The cure? There is none. The treatment? More pills. More... flippin... pills. Pain pills. Needless to say, I politely declined. I don't need more useless medication added to my medicine drawer. I could run a damn pharmacy out of my apartment. I think I already knew what was wrong with me before my doctor even told me. I almost told the receptionist to just cancel my appointment and bill me while I was in the waiting room. I didn't need someone to tell me something I already knew. I guess I just hoped that it might be something different. So much for positive thinking. Anyway, when he told me what the burning sensation in my skin was, I just turned slightly and looked at him and calmly said "Ok." After my doctor visit I told my friend what happened. I couldn't really tell why he gave me the look he did. Maybe he felt a little bad for me, maybe he was a little disturbed by my reaction to the diagnosis. Who knows.

I am on the market for a new endocronologist. Yeah, I don't know how to spell that. It means diabetes doctor in English. My other doctor was a little pissed when I told him that my diabetes doctor won't discuss any other treatments for my insanely high blood sugar levels. His solution is for me to increase my insulin, when that didn't work, he said "Hey! I know! Do 5 shots a day from now on." When that didn't work, he said take more insulin. When that didn't work he told me to basically figure it out on my own. The general doc wants me to get an insulin pump. I told him that my diabetes doctor refuses to talk to me about one and this guy said to find another diabetes specialist. Doctor's orders. Gonna try to call around on Monday. Not too happy with the idea of a little machine coming out of me but its better than kidney dialysis right?

There was a large portion at the bottom of this page that I decided to delete. After I poured out all my feelings about the man that has most recently hurt me, I decided that once again I had to be the mature one and I removed it.

Maybe one day I will find a way to let you know how much you hurt me. Maybe I won't. Not that it will make much difference to you. But if I do tell you, it won't be here.
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hell... yeah... [04 Sep 2008|09:22pm]
[ mood | mmmm... ]

You know what I absolutely love? Getting drunk and then having a really messy dinner. Like hotdogs. With a stale bun so that it falls apart and the ketchup, mustard and relish just kind of go all over the place. Yeah. Thats what I'm talking about.

Happy Annie ♥

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This sucks [21 Aug 2008|12:55pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

So I am sitting here, in my pajamas, barricaded in my apartment against my free will. I haven't been able to walk Troy this morning so he hasn't been able to pee since 11:30 pm last night. Oh yeah, I need to leave for work in exactly 34 minutes. My front door is blocked off with construction tape because the maintenance people decided that TODAY would be the best day for them to replace the floors in the hallway. I mean, they only took the tiles off and left sticky shit all over the floor for a whole WEEK without doing anything. I guess today they thought that maybe they should finish the job. The notice they posted said that at some point between this month and the next they will be replacing the floor and people won't be allowed in our out of the building for 30 mins. 30 mins my ass. I got up at 9am and have been stuck in here since. I eventually decided to just put the dog out on the balcony and hope that he will just use that as his toilet for the morning and I will just clean it up when I get home. No such luck so far. He is VERY good about not going to the bathroom where he isn't supposed to. I just feel horrible because its been almost about 14 hours since he has been outside. PLUS I am going to be extremely late for work. And knowing my co-workers, the person who has to wait around for me to show up will probably make me do a double shift for her sometime. Thus giving me a 14-16 hour day with no breaks allowed. Lovely.

Annie is pissed...

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... [16 Jul 2008|10:08pm]

Obviously my attempt at reaching him through the internetz didn't work so I just had to take this post down. Every time I opened my journal it would just sit there and stare at me and I just couldn't stand the overwhelming feeling of total embarrassment. Soooooo that plan failed, (and so did all the others) so I have come to the conclusion that he just hates my guts. Personally, I don't blame him, but it would be nice to at least know for sure.

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buh? [15 Jan 2007|04:56pm]
Sooooo I drink a big think of coke and I'm sleepy? This makes no sense to me... Oh well, have to leave in 30 mins. Hopefully I can do something more interesting that work at the register all night...

*Edit* I just noticed that my journal time is off by an hour. Oh how bad it would be if I showed up an hour late for work...
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Such an interesting life... [15 Jan 2007|03:34pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

The stove ate my lunch today...

Ok well technically it was my breakfast but I tried to make it at lunch time. The kitchen is a mess so I just grabbed the first pan I could find. Unfortunately it wasn't a non-stick one so my food got stuck to the bottom of the pan and burned. It fell apart when I tried to flip it over too so its sitting in the sink at the moment. Soooo hungry...

Going to Ballston to pick up my copy of The Burning Crusade at Midnight tonight. Unfortunately i have to close the store tonight so I need to cross my fingers that we get out on time tonight so I can rush over from Tyson's so I don't have to stay in line forever. And since I have the next three days off (I think) I can lock myself in my basement and play it. Joy!

The house phone is broken again so I get to use my cell as our main connection to the outside world. I feel so popular :D

Such an interesting life I lead :P

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[08 Jan 2007|05:44pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I'm sore...

I'm tired...

I'm thirsty...

I have to work tonight...

And I don't wanna go. Wahh!

I also have a million video games (ok no that many) that I want to play at the moment. I also made a warrior on another WoW server (shhhh don't tell anyone) and I want to play her too. Her name is Kau. Can you tell what she is? :P

Going in for an interview on friday for another job. Its at a vet in Great Falls about 11 miles away. Its for a receptionist positon but they also want me to observe what goes on so that should be interesting. I apologize to all the people who have left comments that I haven't responded to. I love you all! :D And I will try to reply to all you guys soon. I haven't used my computer for anything but WoW lately so I tend to forget that I can access the internet with it :P

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[29 Nov 2006|09:07pm]

Thus ends a third evening in a row of the not-so-fun variety. I have to work tomorrow so I will probably get planted behind the register again and have people yell at me because I don't know what I am doing because for some wonderful reason, people in retail don't like to properly train their employees...

Prediction for the future: Possibly another not-so-fun evening arriving tomorrow. Wishful thinking = suck.

BUT now that I am alone, I think I shall play some Okami until I must retrieve the man-friend from the evil place of employment. Eeeeevil!
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Hi-larious [28 Nov 2006|11:47pm]
Oh my god, its been 6 months since something interesting has happened in my life? Oww. Well I finally got another job. But that's not the reason of my post. I just had an EXTREMELY interesting phone conversation that ended abruptly when the person on the other line shouted something at me and hung up. Not interested yet? Well do you remember my most recently past relationship? The one from college with a man of the name Robbie? Now I'm pretty sure that I have some of your attention now...

I wonder how much trouble this will get me into. Well considering the little coward doesn't want to have anything to do with me anymore it doesn't really matter if he finds this now does it? This whole thing is so incredibly ridiculous that is makes me chuckle to myself. And its OBVIOUS that I am a horrible vindictive bitch who has dedicated her life to destroying his and making him miserable. I mean, why else would I be writing about something as stupid as this?

First, some back story. Robbie and I had remained friends (or so I thought. I get fooled by people I care about too easily) for a while. We talked over the phone and discussed visiting each other and stuff like that. Ya know, stuff friends do. So anyway, the last time I called him, he seemed a bit preoccupied with something and not too eager to talk to me. I figured he was busy so I let him go continue to do what he was doing and not bother him. I figured he would call me back later. He did not and because of the giant bitch that I am, I naturally was blamed for this later on because apparently I never call him. This is news to me. So I sent him a birthday card at the beginning of this month. I never heard back from him. This is where the story begins...

I called him this afternoon and left him a message basically asking if he got my card and wanting to see if he was ok cause we haven't spoken in a while and he didn't seem to happy the last time I heard from him. He called back and left me a message. He sounded like someone had run over his dog. So, being the bitch that I am, I was worried about him and I wanted to see if he was ok or if something horrible had happened. So I rushed home and called him. Some girl answered his phone and I was surprised so I said "Oh, I think I have the wrong number." She said "No, you don't." Confused, I asked if this was Robbie's phone and she said it was. I asked if he was available and she said "No, he's not." She was a very rude little brat I might add. I started getting irritated with her sassy tone of voice so I just asked if she would tell him I called and I left my name. She then proceeded to inform me that he told her to tell me to never call him again and that he never wanted to talk to me again. Huge freaking surprise for me! Considering all the times he said that he liked talking to me and wanted to talk to me and see me. And how he still wanted to remain friends. I had grown tired of this bitch when she starting blabbering on about my relationship with Robbie and myself (which was none of her business) so I told her that I wanted to talk to him.

When she handed the phone over I asked if that was his roommate who he has told me some *Lovely* stories about. Mostly about how he at one point wanted to bang her little brains out until the crack of dawn and was crushed to learn that she was dating his friend. And somehow she became a nasty little annoying whore when she continued to date his friend instead of sleeping with Robbie. And even though I am a horrible bitch according to certain people *cough Robbie cough* I am simply just saying what he said to me. But that's another story...

ANYway, I asked him why his bitchy roommate answered the phone instead of him. He told me basically what she said. That I had destroyed his life and was making him miserable every time I spoke to him and that he never wanted to see me again. I said that I thought he was my friend cause we spoke on the phone and he always seemed happy to talk to me. He said I never called him (somehow I never noticed this because I thought that picking up a phone and dialing someones number *was* calling them... But I have been mistaken before.) He also said that he hasn't seen me in 2 years cause I never visit him. But, you see, it doesn't matter that HE has never driven to see me here either because I am the vindictive asshole, not him. This was pointed out to him as well when I yelled back at him saying he never took the time to come see me either. AND how the fuck (pardon my french) did he expect me to come see him and spend the weekend with him in his apartment with his roommates who CLEARLY hate me. (Details I left out from my conversation with his roommate who he cant have sex with. Oh wait did I say that out loud? Oops.) Why the hell would someone want to do that? Yes that would be a WONDERFUL weekend don't you think? At one point I also pointed out that I was amazed that he didn't have the balls to originally tell me this himself and he had his little fantasy-girlfriend-that-he-cant-have do it for him. But I will give him credit because he did admit to me that he was too much of a coward to do it himself. At this point I had had enough with this crap and I was telling him that I would get rid of all the pictures of the two of us I had (I had already torn one of them up that I kept in my room) and I promised that I would never write to him or call him or anything like that again.

In the middle of my promise to get out of his crappy worthless life he yells out "Well at least you have a boyfriend!!" And hangs up.



Ummmm.... Is THAT what this is about? I have destroyed your life and made you miserable because YOU cant get a date? How is this my fault? Here's an idea, grow some testicles and act like a freaking MAN and maybe you will get laid. Please excuse the vulgarity of this sentence but women already have pussies so they don't need their boyfriends to have them or act like them too! If I actually cared about this I would have called him back but this was so freaking ridiculous that I just stood there for a moment laughing. He wants to throw away my friendship (oh apparently it was thrown away a long time ago according to him. I guess I was just too much of a horrible caring bitch to notice that he really wasn't being my friend, he was simply, and I quote "accommodating (me)." So anyway, I, the bitch, got fooled into thinking that he was still my friend and in being a friend I cared about his well-being and wanted to still be friendly with him. But, because I am such a terrible person, in caring I destroyed his world.

Here is a little something for those retarded people out there who act like him....



And thus ends my *friendship* (or lack there of) that I thought I had with Robbie. Thank you for reading and I hope that this post has entertained you all as much as it has entertained me. And if by some miracle he or his fantasy blow job of a roommate find this (which I doubt they will, but this *is* the internet after all), well I could really care less about what you two think.

Robbie will probably break down and cry if he reads this because that's just the way he is. However, he really shouldn't care because he tossed me away like a piece of garbage so if this hurts your feelings my dear, its your own damn fault so go cry about it to someone who cares.
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hmmmm... [23 May 2006|04:30am]
Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"Nice doggy."
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True story [21 Oct 2005|01:00am]
Over the past few weeks my diet has consisted mainly of cereal, candy, chips, salad, and ramen. I feel like I am in college again! Yay college! I've taken a liking to ramen with butter and garlic salt. Sooo tasty. And... well damn... I just dropped a noodle in my keyboard...
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Quickie [20 Oct 2005|07:33pm]
Annie: Ok
Boyfriend: Going good
Jobs: Needs fixing. Looking for new one. Have an interview on Tuesday at some place in DC. I don't even know what the office is about lol.
Entertainment: Games
Life overall: Taken over by World of Warcraft

Go here: http://fellowcraft.ytmnsfw.com/. If you know anything about WoW (mentioned above) you will find this HILARIOUS. Especially since it makes fun of WoW. If you know anything about online games, you will also find it hilarious. If you dont... then you will just be terribly confused.

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[28 Aug 2005|06:02pm]
Havent been here in a while. A few things have happened since I updated last so I will try to fill you in on at least some of them. Still working at the gym. I turned down a different job that would have paid me twice as much as I get now because of all the discouragement I received from my parents. I should come to expect that from them though because no place is ever good enough for me to work at unless it is the goddamn state dept. But I am not going to go on a long tirade about that. Bought World of Warcraft for Jason and myself and it has because my new favorite past-time. That will explain why I am never on AIM for those of you who might be wondering what happened to me. Went to the beach this weekend with some friends. Had much fun. Other things have gone on but I think that all covers pretty much the important stuff.
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drunkn annie [07 Aug 2005|03:26am]
uheel9o lienvoutjal,! I'm drunk righ neow~ I hintnk ou c na tell bu the fac that I cant stypie. Djanson and I are really furkincking drunk frught now. uit so awqedome cause I havneet deeb drunk sincebeeanch week with ajay an dak,e and xcalin, and laughr and gibson. You guydd tremeber that? is wa so sawesome~ We shoudl do it again sometime.ih poo, I judt tpre tore par of my findcger najl off.i need mfot fixs that next morning. dan m thiss is awwrome. Jason cant still stiuy0pe. I cant/ He ncan a;slp p;[au vodep games. I am gogin to be grDING THIS ORMOTOORROW AND nne an;oe;;oler
wnat tjeu hell what I wrigng"? Thgius is tisst fucnny I osknt even kno whwo ti am saying anyjmroe. jaoson is inplaying diab;p right nmow. ot sp diuinnt because be is tyring tokpla tyeh agme. I am gnting ro ewagin thir tomorrow and its do gioonna be so funny becuase 9 dont wotb know hwat im sayin tng. Hason stillkn ow sa what sgong o n but I dintn.e. I reck muy socks. vochad is fyour firned. i htink my daddy jnw sht ath i a m deynjk cause i nctryed to dsay goodnivhg beven tough i syojd, hace. it was so scoo..l.

night night!

Jason says hello. Although I am drunk like Annie, I don't think I drank nearly as much as my poor babe. Ican still type with at least some efficiency. I can even make sentences. And Annie says that because I used efficency in a sentence then I am awesome. I also can apparently use words like apparently and put together a shot while drunk. Go me! Anywho, I need to go post this now so we can go and pass out. Even though I can't see straight, a lot of practice at a computer keyboard has paid off. YAY! Goiod night everybody ands have fun!
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[30 Jul 2005|11:36pm]
Anyone know how much a bank teller makes?
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Mmmm stolen survey.... yummy [28 Jul 2005|12:56am]
Have you ever?

1. smoked a cigarette – yes
2. smoked a cigar - no
3. made out with a member of the same sex – kissed... I can explain and its not what you think. But thats it.
4. crashed a friend's car – no
5. stolen a car – No, I'm not that retarded thank you.
6. been in love - yeah
7. been dumped – Lets see... First guy I "dated" cheated on me and I dumped him, second guy dumped me countless times (literally after the fourth time I stopped counting), third guy I broke up with and I am with number four now.
8. shoplifted – nope
9. been fired – nope
10. been in a fist fight – kinda... on more than one occasion... yeah...
11. snuck out of your house - snuck out, snuck in, snuck other in... been there, done that :)
12. had feelings for someone who didn't return them - Had crushes but thats about it.
13. been arrested – they havent caught me yet
14. made out with a stranger – does a strange person count?
15. gone on a blind date – nope
16. lied to a friend - white lies to spare feelings but nothing drastic
17. had a crush on a teacher – I have yet to have that happen.
18. skipped school – Doesnt everyone?
19. slept with a co-worker – All my co-workers are like 7 years older than me... and ewww
20. seen someone die - nope
21. been on a plane – about every 3 years
22. thrown up in a bar – no but I did in a friend's toilet :p
23. taken painkillers – i dont know what its called in English (onyl know the French word) but I think it works just as well as morphine.
24. love someone or miss someone right now – He's sitting right here.
25. laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by – long time ago
26. made a snow angel – of COURSE.
27. played dress up – Not getting into that heh.
28. cheated while playing a game – nope. I play fair.
29. been lonely – Never really lonely. I have wanted to be around people but I can usually find ways to entertain myself. Except when I get really bored...
30. fallen asleep at work/school – school yes, work almost.
31. used a fake id - nope.
32. felt an earthquake - nope
33. touched a snake – I volunterred in a pet store when I was younger so yes.
34. ran a red light – uh huh
35. been suspended from school – nope
36. had detention – once. Completely unfair. I forgot a book. Seriously. I got detention for forgetting a frigging book for a class.
37. been in a car accident – small accident.
38. hated the way you look - when I was younger.
39. witnessed a crime – Yeah. My family has been robbed twice actually...
40. pole danced – nope
41. been lost – yeah
42. been to the opposite side of the country - yes. Hell, I've been to the opposite side of the WORLD. Foreign service here.
43. felt like dying - ehhh not that far yet thankfully.
44. cried yourself to sleep - a few times
45. played cops and robbers – nope
46. sang karaoke – yup
47. done something you told yourself you wouldn't – So far I have been true to myself.
48. laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose – Its gone up my nose, but not out. Let me tell you... it burns!
49. caught a snowflake on your tongue – yep
50. kissed in the rain – many times
51. sing in the shower – I used to once in a great while. It was more like humming too...
52. made love in a park – well... if you call 2:00 a.m car sex over Thanksgiving break parked right outside the 'entrance' to a park making love in a park, then yes.
53. had a dream that you married someone – nope
54. glued your hand to something – what?
55. got your tongue stuck to a flag pole – buhhh....
56. worn the opposite sex's clothes – always.
57. been a cheerleader – nope
58. sat on a roof top – yep
59. didn't take a shower for a week – I was in the hospital and I had IVs coming out of every vein in my body so I couldnt get out of my bed... But if you want to get technical... the answer is no becuase it was 2 weeks befre I could take a shower. I bathed in my bed from a bucket :p
60. ever too scared to watch scary movies alone – Scary movies are my life!
61. played 'chicken' - which kind? in a pool or off a cliff? pool and money bars.
62. been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on – no but I jumped in. Actually done it a few times.
63. been told you're hot by a complete stranger – heh yes.
64. broken a bone – nope
65. been easily amused – who me?
66. laugh so hard you cry – yes
67. mooned/flashed someone – yup...
68. cheated on a test – loooooooooooooong time ago
69. forgotten someone's name – all the time at work.
70. slept naked – i rotate from sleeping naked to sleeping in pajamas to sleepping in my underwear. It deoends on what I feel like.
71. gone skinny dipping in a pool – I'd like to
72. been kicked out of your house – nope
73. blacked out from drinking – nope
74. played a prank on someone – many times...
75. gone to a late night movie – I only go to the movies at night now...
76. made love to anything not human - how... no, but I know some people who are so desperate the actually might.
77. failed a class – nope
78. choked on something you're not supposed to eat – I could make a really sick joke but I wont...
79. played an instrument for more than 10 hours – over a period of years. Not in one sitting.
80. cheated on a gf/bf - no but I had 2 boyfriends cheat on me on more than one occasion.
81. felt like killing someone - I feel that every day.
84. thought about running away - not really
85. ran away - no
86. did drugs – I'm not stupid.
87. had detention and did not attend it - nope
88. yelled at parents – Its a way of life for my household heh.
89. made a parent cry – yeah, but then I felt HORRIBLE afterwards.
90. cried over someone - yes, and it was a waste of time.
91. been in a band – nope
97. had more than 25 sodas in one day? – lol probably
98. broken a cd – nope
99. shot a gun – does the Nintendo duck hunt gun count?
100. visit lj more than 5 times per day – I have when I had absolutely nothing else to do.
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[27 Jul 2005|01:43am]
So the conversation between Jason and myself started with the movie trivia questions on the back of a Pops cereal box. It then went to the X-men movie and Hallie Berry (sp) and her appearance in the last James Bond movie. If you didnt see it, it has a short sex scene. Dont worry, you dont see much. Have you ever noticed that so many movies now have sex scenes in them? Its because there are so many perverts nowadays that sex is the only thing people seem to are about anymore. And what better to see people having sex on the the big screen when you cant get sex yourself. Jason then said, "Whats next? The Care Bears?" This conversation quickly deteriorated to naming the different sex bears.

"New Care Bears movie! Coming to theaters this August! Featuring Condom Bear! And STD Bear! Prostitute and Hooker Bear! Also seen with Pimpin' Bear! And who could forget Red-headed step child Bear with Step-mother and Step-Father Bear! Next door neighbor Bear and Pubic Bear! And dont forget, last but not least, the lovely, Bush Bear!"

Bush Bear is a normal Bear with... well... you know... except it looks like an actual bush. Kind of like a holly bush... all the way around its body. And there are little red holly berries. We will call them dingleberries.

Pubic Bear... hehehe...

Late night snack runs are fun...
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